ZEPPY   soundbuddy

ZEPPY Bluetooth speaker

The zeppy Soundbuddy - an outdoor Bluetooth speaker you've never seen before !




+Water, sand and shock resistant


+Massage function


Six unique sound modes can offer more than just being loud


Sound Mode: The Not-so-Plain-Vanilla

3D sound mode: Almost like in the cinema

Private Listening Mode: The Silent One

Massage Mode: The Pampering One

Speech Mode: The Talker

Low Energy Mode: The long-lasting one


The zeppy Soundbuddy, developed and built in Austria, home of Sissi and Franz, Sigmund Freud and the Terminator, is no ordinary outdoor Bluetooth loudspeaker.

By using completely new, innovative and durable materials, the Soundbuddy is water-, sand- and shockproof and therefore the ideal companion.

Whether on land, at sea or in the air, its light weight, long playing time and robustness lets the Soundbuddy and you get through any adventure.

(except perhaps the first marital quarrel).

199,00 €

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