carbon composites

MURPHYS is a leading supplier of prototypes and series of fiber composite components. Together produce 3D complex constructions, prototypes and series in Carbon Technology.


Production process:

Autoclave technology, Prepreg technology, Vacuum technology, RTM technology carbon forming,

Epoxy foam parts, Pultrusiontechnik, Pullwinding technology, 5-axis machining,


Benefit from the experience of MURPHYS in the development and manufacturing of innovative composite parts.



Why 3D printing?

PLA, CPE, PETG, nylon, graphene, carbon, PEEK - more and more powerful objects are coming out of the 3D printer. Extremely lightweight components that are so impossible to produce by conventional means are becoming a reality. And they are becoming faster and faster!  This is how 3D printing is finding its way into series production.


We can also customize your products and manufacture them according to your needs!


Is 3D printing eco-friendly?
The answer to this question depends on your use. 3D printing components can be harmful to the environment like other plastic materials, but if you recycle it, it can be a better solution.
The resulting components can be used as raw materials for the production of the new materials. The best thing is that it does not lose its original chemical properties during the whole process.
Recycling 3 D components is a great option to avoid various types of pollution.